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Summer 2021
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* Team Password: registrants will use this password to select your team
Team (Captain) or Player Fee - Collection Model:
Two fee collecting Models.
1. The Captain can select to pay the Team Fee ($100) up-front then collect from the Team Players at a later date.
2. Allow each Player to pay their individual fee as they register. The Captain still creates the Team and the Team's Password plus calculate the player's fee.
Note: If a team does not register enough players to accumulate the team fee, the Captain will have to make up the difference. As per the Softball Commissioner's Rule!
* Fee Model:
Team Administrative Access:
Create a UserID (name) and a Password for future access to your team's administrative page.
Be sure to write them down!
The administrative page will provide team status that you will use to monitor your player's registrations, and to enter scores.
To access your administrative page, go to to login.
* Captain's ID: You will use this UserID to access your Team Admin page.
* Captain's Password: You will use this Password to access your Team Admin page. Please do not use passwords similar to those used within the company!

Review & Submit: Note… The Softball Coordinator will review your form before it is activated.
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